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Teeth cleaning equipment Portable water flosser

Min.Order Quantity: 100 set/sets

Model Number: Water flosser

Supply Ability: 5000 set/sets per Month


Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,paypal

FOB Price: US $ 2- 7 / piece | Get Latest Price
Product Introduction :

Teeth cleaning equipment Portable water flosser

oral irrigator advantage:

In a short time, UMG oral irrigator leads to healthy gums and clean teeth. This not only helps the mouth and avoids numerous diseases, but also benefits your overall health. It is simple and easy to use, only needs fresh water and is very environmentally-friendly.

UMG oral irrigator is an innovative and simple mouth rinsing device. (oral irrigator) Just attach the metal part to your water facet and it’s ready to use. You can adjust the strength and temperature of UMG oral irrigator’s fine jet of water to suit your needs. UMG oral irrigator is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, you can also use the device without electricity. All you need is clean water from the tap.

UMG oral irrigator rinses your mouth with water, massages the gums and cleans your teeth, the area between the teeth and gum pockets in no time at all. Remaining food particles are superbly removed and cavities prevented. This will significantly improve your mouth hygiene in just a few short weeks.

UMG oral irrigator is a perfect complement to a regular and comprehensive dental hygiene. A UMG oral irrigator uses just water pressure to generate a thin strong water jet, which removes food residues and plaque in places where a tooth brush and other appliances remain powerless.

The right usage of UMG oral irrigator (twice daily) guarantees a substantial reduction in dental plaque. In addition it mitigates gingivitis and prevents receding gums. Thus UMG oral irrigator slows down development of existing caries and prevents formation of new carious centers.

UMG oral irrigator is easy to use, cleanses the teeth and gently massages the gums. UMG oral irrigator is durable and ecologically friendly since it does not need electricity to operate. It uses exclusively fresh tap water that complies with the highest standards. You can use UMG oral irrigator at home or while travelling.

Already after two weeks of using UMG oral irrigator you would achieve a noticeable improvement in your oral hygiene, your wellbeing and with it in your entire health, for UMG oral irrigator

Usage for special person

In certain cases, special attention must be paid to oral hygiene. Whether you have braces, implants or are pregnant, diabetic, or a smoker—we have a few tips to keep your teeth perfectly clean and healthy:

Retainers or braces

Clean your removable retainers daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste, thoroughly from all sides. Then rinse under the tap with flowing water.

Clean your teeth with a toothbrush, dental floss and UMG oral irrigator Pay attention to all the teeth, the chewing surfaces and the spaces between teeth, and make sure to clean them well.

When it comes to fixed braces, cleaning is much more difficult. Dirt remains on the surface of the teeth and around the metal parts. That is why it is crucial to, above all, clean the upper and lower parts of the metal archwire. In addition to toothbrushes and dental floss, UMG oral irrigator helps to superbly cleanse those hard to reach places. Especially under the braces (on the stuck-on metal parts) and between the wires, UMG oral irrigator has shown excellent and fast results.


Unlike with healthy teeth and gums, germs have much better access to dental implants and can infiltrate the gums especially well. The connection between implants and gums is more likely to be loose. It is not interwoven through natural fibers as it is with real teeth. Care of implants is vital for the gums and jawbone, less so for the implants themselves. Mostly, teeth fall out when the gums can no longer provide support to the dental roots and jawbone. And the same goes for dental implants.

Dental implants, that is, implant crowns or various superstructures can also be cleaned just like real teeth. Special attention should be devoted to the crossover to the implant crown, particularly the area between the gums and crown. Here you have to apply appropriate hygiene measures to ensure more complete cleansing in order to avoid developing an inflammation of the implant bed (peri-implantitis). With good oral hygiene and UMG oral irrigator, here especially, you can get excellent cleaning results, and have well-maintained teeth and implants.

Of course, there are also special cleaning techniques for implants. Your dentist or dental hygienist can inform you about these.

During pregnancy

Dental care and oral hygiene are very important for pregnant women. Tooth damage can lead to health problems and damage inner organs. Infected gums can even lead to premature births. And gum inflammation increases the danger of pregnancy-induced diabetes.

In the course of the pregnancy, your baby requires 30 g of calcium. If there are deficits, the baby takes this directly from the mother, and partially from her teeth.

In addition, due to hormonal changes, the acidity in the mother’s saliva is elevated. This makes the dental enamel more vulnerable.

Pregnant women have more frequent gum bleeding than usual, since the blood volume in the body is substantially increased and gums are more sensitive. That, in turn, can easily lead to infections.

If possible, check the condition of your teeth before becoming pregnant, and go for a dental checkup again in the fourth month, to avoid gum inflammation.

For Diabetics

New research has shown a connection between gum inflammation and diabetes. While it has been proven that people with diabetes suffer more from gum inflammation, evidence now points to chronic gum inflammation as a possible risk factor for diabetes.

If your blood sugar levels are elevated, you run a higher risk of developing gum inflammation and losing teeth. As with all infections, inflamed gums can also increase blood sugar and make it harder to control.

First, your blood sugar level needs to be stable. Then you need to properly clean your teeth and gums with a toothbrush, floss, and UMG oral irrigator. And have your teeth and gums checked regularly by a dentist.

For Smokers

Good oral hygiene, with a toothbrush, floss, and UMG oral irrigator is critical for smokers. Numerous studies attest to the fact that smokers are more prone to red, inflamed and bleeding gums. Smoking is one of the top risk factors in developing gum disease.

Tar contained in tobacco stains and sticks tightly to teeth and provides optimal surfaces for bacteria to grow. Combined with reduced saliva flow, this causes not only unpleasant breath, but also gum inflammation. It is also harder to treat gum inflammation in smokers since the infected areas in the mouth are not supplied with sufficient nutrients or oxygen, due to impaired blood circulation and a weakened immune system.

inside 1 box:
* 1 Faucet diverter ---PP
* 1 Medical grade PVC hose
* 3 Handle Tips
* 1 wall rack attachment
* 3 standard faucet connectors
*1 standard hexagonal wrench

installation procedure:

teeth cleaning equipment Portable water flosser

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